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The Pert Chart and the Time Schedule for the development of the overall system are as follows:
3 months

First Version of the software architecture, coding scheme and interfacing modalities will be designed.

6 months

Sample Annotated Data (10%), Annotation Schema, Tool Development, Software architecture design (including format of post-processing resources), Coding scheme and interfacing modality finalized.

9 months
  • Demonstration of

    • first version of annotation tool.

    • skew correction, noise cleaning and enhancement tools.

    • first version of text separation tool.

12 months

Alpha version of Pre-processing and Segmentation library released; first level integration; preliminary demonstration of complete system for some scripts.

15 months
  • Demonstration of

    • first version of recognition engine for all scripts.

    • final version of document page segmentation and labelling algorithms

18 months

100% annotated data, performance analysis of recognition engine, multi-feature multi-classifier fusion, Beta version of segmentation and layout analysis software (96% accuracy), Alpha-version of the complete system released for testing (target accuracy 90% and above character levels). User interface and presentation engine development initiated involving industrial partners. Re-factoring and re-engineering of the code, if required, with the help of industrial partner.

21 months
  • Demonstration of user interface and demonstration engine

    • 99% accuracy of text segmentation scheme

    • 95% character level recognition accuracy

24 months

Performance enhancement to meet target; Beta ?version of the complete system released with desired performance target.