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Morphological analyzer and morphological generator are two essential and basic tools for building any language processing application for a natural language. Morphological analysis means to study the internal structure of the words of a language. A Morphological analyzer gives the morph analysis of a word i.e. for a given word a morphological analyzer will return its root word and word class along with other grammatical information depending upon its word class. Like for nouns it will provide gender, number, and case information and for verbs it will provide tense, phase etc. in addition to this. Morphological generator does exactly the reverse of it, i.e. given a root word and grammatical information it will generate the word form of that root word.

The Advanced Centre for Technical Development of Punjabi Language, Literature and Culture added another feather to its cap in the technical development of Punjabi by developing the Punjabi Morphological Analyzer and Generator. The software will be a big boon for the researchers working on Natural Language Processing of Punjabi language as well as the common man. The software on click of a mouse, displays the list of all the possible word forms of any Punjabi root word, along with their respective grammatical information. The grammatical information will be different for different word classes, like for nouns it will provide its gender, number, and case, for verbs it will give tense, phase, aspect, etc. The software can also identify the grammatical attributes of any Punjabi word. The software can also be used to search for any Punjabi word in it to know its root and other grammatical information.

The application areas of the software are endless. Some of the common application areas include, automatic spelling and grammar checking, natural language understanding, machine translation, speech recognition, speech synthesis etc part of speech tagging, parsing. The common man can also get an in-depth information about the Punjabi words from the software. Knowing the grammatical information of a word helps in its proper and error free use in sentences. This tool also helps in knowing all the words that can be derived from a single root. The software will help the beginners to learn new words and the specialists to create new terminology.

The database used in the software consists of more than 1.72 lakh Punjabi words, grouped into 22 word classes such as noun, personal pronoun, reflexive pronoun, verb, inflected and uninflected adverb, inflected and uninflected adjective, conjunction, interjection etc.

Development Team
1. Dr. Gurpreet Singh Lehal (Project Leader)
2. Mandeep Singh Gill (Software coding and Database development)
3. Dr. S.S. Joshi (Project Linguist)